Maintenance Tips for That Lovely Landscape

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So, you want to upgrade the look of your landscape? Here are some tips we can give you.

Progression Planting for All Season

Choose plants that will make the landscape look great throughout the entire year. Plan and arrange the kinds of plants to plant. Spring, summer, autumn, and fall – each one should have its own plant or plants. This way, your landscape is sure to look great in every season for the entire year.

Color Balance

Dark and greeny shrubs or plants should be planted or surrounded by light-colored ones. Flowers with big and pale blossoms should be paired with those that have smaller but darker in color. This will set the balance.

Conceal the Ugly

Unpleasant highlights in your landscape like tree stumps, dry grass patches, etc., can be concealed simply by using your creativity in planting. You can do this by planting around them. Flowers, climbing, scattering, or even vegetables can be planted around or on them to conceal them.

Fewer is Better

Keep it straightforward. It can be tempting to buy one of each plant that you like at the store. However, this can lead to mess and clutter. Be particular and discerning and buy only three or more if you have the space) of your top choices. If these are planted at interims around the borders, they will give a satisfying feeling of unity and continuity.

However, Assortment is Significant

Inside the limits of 15 above, try to choose plants with various properties: tallness, structure, leaf size and shape. This gives diversity and enthusiasm to a plan. Round shapes should be paired with something spiky, short against tall, matte against glossy, upstanding against falling, and more.

Have a Focal Point

Situate the focal point quite distantly from the house to give off a feeling of outlook, and to welcome guests with a physical representation to walk around in the lawn. A great focal point can be a tree, some shrubs, a statue, an urn, and more. The objective is to utilize something that will stand out.

Seek and stick to one style

Actually, you can design your garden however you want to. But if you want uniformity and consistency, as a start, symmetrical and formal lines will function admirably in urban areas. In rural areas, a lesser organized design is acceptable. In any case, themes can be included, for example, beachfront, utilization of stones and grasses, or tropical plants with big leaves. Whichever you pick, don’t be enticed to have more than one theme. Stick to just one and you will accomplish unity.

Overpower those weeds

Weeds are a very persistent specimen. They try their best to get everything they want. Prevent this by covering much of the soil with shrubs or perennials. Absence of light and rivalry for water will make it difficult for weeds to live. Sometime later you may need to expel a few plants as they extend past the edges, however, this isn’t so terrible as compared to perpetual weeding.

Not sure if you can? Hire a professional to do it for you. Grand Junction landscape design, for example, can give you a hand.

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